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Habitatges Chapí

Construction of 19 housing units and parking and renovation of an historic single-family home at Martí and Alsina Streets, Chapí i Vent, Barcelona

Colla Castellera Jove de Barcelona HQ

in process. Renovation of the warehouse c. Parellada of the factory complex as the headquarters of the Colla Castellera Jove of Barcelona
Project in conjuntion with the construction of 50 flats

40 houses in Altafulla

Construction of 40 houses-courtyard in the Platja del Canyadell, Altafulla

El Canyadell

Urban planning of the Platja del Canyadell Sector, Altafulla.

PMU Chapí

Urban Renovation Plan for the construction of a housing building and renovation of a catalogued historic building.

Barcelona Architecture Center

built- Refom and interior design of the Barcelona Architecture Center new offices.