New planning project in Les Glòries Square, Barcelona

June 8, 2009, 3:59 pm

1st place. Competition for the volumetric planning of the space delimited by the streets Castillejos, Gran Via, Cartagena and a new street

The Latin term In media res -in the middle of things- as our title, it refers to a literary technique in which the narrative begins in the middle of the story and not at the start of the events, jumping back and forward in the sequence.

As a narrative strategy, it is an opposite resource to the ab ovo, in which what is described follows the natural flow, from present to future. Both ways of understanding the passage of time in a story come from the Ars Poetica of Horacio.

But if we read it in Catalan, In media res it means: there is nothing in the middle, understood as an affirmation that declares an interest in knowing about the gap left among things, and, at the same time, in having an observation point of the objects from this space in between.

Our project proposes:
1. To manipulate history and to be flanked by the typological past of the Eixample of Barcelona (26,5 meters deep) and the city of isolated types (25 meters deep), linking these two ways of understanding the weave of the city. A trip back and forward.
2. But also to use a gap, the 20 meters of an Eixample street, to separate both temporal units. This gap extends into the plot the topographical level of Plaça de les Glòries (+15,50 meters) through the commercial floor of the façade.

We imagine that this gap, resolved in two levels, can become a unified lobby for all the apartments located from these heights up. This gap linking buildings recalls the position of the Principals of the Eixample but, this time, with a public and open character, as a balcony on the Plaça de les Glòries.

Let’s start from now to build Les Glories as a scenario of maximum permeability. It will be very important to insist that every available object is incorporated with dialog. We want to imagine that this conversation can start with the two parts of our proposal.

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