1st Award. Category Intervention in Existing Building

July 17, 2017, 9:15 am

The Renovation of the old Fire Station of Lleida street, in Barcelona as"Fireman Museum. Fire Prevention Center BCN" have been awarded with the Catalunya Construction Award 2017 on the category of intervention in existing buildings.

The jury, consisting of Josep Maria Forteza, Josep Camps, Eduard Gascón, Natàlia Crespo, Xavier Font, Celestí Ventura and Jordi Gonsalves declared:

"an astonishing project that appears simple only in appearance, working with respect towards the pre-existing, without renouncing to introduce such elements that transform the building making it a recipient of a new use and a new life. With this bold structural proposal, the result introduces steady shapes and no stridency, transferring all the focus to the content on display on the main central nave. The resolution of this project has become on itself a homage to the arduous, pioneer and in so many other occasions' heroic task, of the firefighters of Barcelona"

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